I saved 78% at Rainbow this week!

>> Saturday, December 5, 2009

I love shopping at Rainbow Foods on Double Coupon Wednesdays.

So this week was a great week. We didn't need too much by way of groceries. Our freezer is stocked with most of our meals for the month already. However, I did purchase everything you see here, at a 78% savings:

Everything you see here would have been $52.08 if purchased at full price. I paid just $11.59 for all of it. All it took was a little planning, and I purchased this in two transactions.

Here is how I did it:

Transaction #1

6 boxes of Cereal
2 pints of Fresh Half & Half

I received the $10.00 instant credit from General Mills on the cereal, plus I received a coupon for a free gallon of milk on my next order. I had five coupons on the GM cereal, doubled for a total discount of $8.50, then I had another $1.45 in coupons that were not doubled. Total discounts between GM deal and all coupons was $19.95, and I spent $5.37 out of pocket.

Transaction #2

1 bag Caribou Coffee (on sale)
2 jars Sweet & Sour sauce (on sale)
2 bottles of St. Ives Body Wash (on sale)
1 gallon Milk
2 packs of yogurt (4 cup packs) (on sale)

I used five coupons, doubled for a total of $10.00 off, plus I used the Free Gallon of Milk coupon I received from the first transaction, which took $3.25 off, and I had another coupon on the Caribou Coffee for $2.00 off. All of the coupon savings, combined with the sale prices gave me a total savings of $20.54 and I spent just $6.22 out of pocket.

I was especially excited about the second transaction, because the milk, body wash and yogurt were completely free and even gave me overage or credit to lower the cost of the coffee and sweet & sour sauce. Considering the coffee alone was regularly $8.29, I saved on the coffee and got everything else for nothing. Not bad for one shopping trip and just a little prep work!


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