My Savings This Week - 12/23/09

>> Thursday, December 24, 2009

My excitement for shopping this week was temporarily haulted yesterday morning. But alas, I ventured out again alter in the day after reworking my coupons and shopping lists and still achieved some great savings.

I don't have a photo this week, and probably wont get to that, but here is a summary of what I purchased:

2 bottles of juicy juice
2 bottles of laundry detergent
8 boxes of our favorite cereal
10 bags of frozen veggies
2 pints of fresh half & half
1 jar of baking yeast
16 cans of fruit in 100% juice (peaches, pears & oranges)
2 jars of pasta sauce
5 rolls of breakfast sausage
9 cans of soup
3 boxes of chicken stock

Then I ran across the street to Cub Foods and picked up a 5lb box of Cuties Clementine Oranges (for only 2.98!!!).

Total Value of All Groceries (before sales or coupons): $158.19
Total Discounts from sales and coupons: -$108.93

Total OOP: $49.26

We are so stocked up on fruits and veggies, lots of baking supplies and makings for soup.

I am almost finished on our Meal Plan for January, and when it's finalized I will get that posted here. I'm looking forward to my Freezer Cooking Day (tentatively planned for Jan 1st) and I'm hoping that I will need very few additional items to complete our meals for the January.


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