Freezer Cooking: February 2010, part 2

>> Sunday, January 31, 2010

Amazingly, I got a lot done yesterday for my February Freezer Cooking. My progress so far:

Wild Rice Soup x2
Zuppa Tuscana Soup x5
Lasagna x2
Sunshine Chicken x4
Brown Rice x6
Pizza Crust x5
Pizza Sauce x5
Chili x2
Spaghetti Sauce x2
Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls x4
Garlic Bread x4
Cornbread Mix x2

Yes, Zuppa Tuscana Soup increased from x2 to x5, I made a bit more than I planned on making. My Wild Rice Soup ingredients are all finished, I just have to throw it all together. The pizza makings are very easy and quick to make so they will be done in no time, spaghetti sauce and lasagna go hand in hand, and then I just have my baking items, which I think I will finish this evening. A great start to the month of February, when I'm trying lots of new things to stretch our budget and save some money.

I've also been pouring over the grocery ads in today's paper, I've starting my deal lists and will hopefully have those done tonight or early tomorrow morning.


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