Saturday Savings Summary - 1/16/10

>> Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another good, yet light week of shopping for us here. Better late than never, here is my Saturday Savings Summary from last week. (It's been crazy over here, two toddler teething!)

Stop one: Rainbow Foods on (of course) Wednesday. Just two transactions, but good results. Another yogurt money-maker, and a good money-maker on pasta too.

5lb bag of flour, 4 canisters of Quaker oats (free), 2 boxes of dishwasher detergent gel packs (40 washes in all) 4 boxes of better-for-you pasta (money-maker), 2 boxes of all natural, nitrate free deli sliced ham, 4 four cup packs of yogurt cups (money-maker), 1 tub of cottage cheese and 1 gallon of milk (milk not pictured)

Total Value of All Items (before sales or coupons): $58.75
Total Discounts from sales and coupons: -$45.56
Total Out Of Pocket Expense: $13.19
78% Savings!

Stop two: CVS. And, guess what? I lost my receipt!!! The only things I picked up this week at CVS were a Green Bag, a Green Bag Tag and one makeup item. There wasn't much on sale that I needed or wanted. After coupons and ECBs I spent somewhere around $1.25 OOP and got $4.00 in ECBs back.

Eating from the Pantry this month has been fun, and has been great on the grocery budget since I haven't been shopping as heavily this month.

Looking forward to next week. Check out my post for Rainbow, Cub and CVS for ideas to make your shopping trips this week frugal and fun!


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